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About Dance Lessons with Tammy

Tammy Jones,  Director

Tammy Jones is an independent dance instructor.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, she used the Zumba craze to provide a platform to begin teaching dance. Pulling from her early years of Pilates training and exploration of movement, Tammy found ballroom dance and loves every minute of teaching those first steps and enjoying the sweet smiles of success. Tammy offers 11 years of experience as a superb fitness and dance instructor, along with a simple “Can Do” attitude to personalized dance instruction.  

Specializing in teaching the beginner dance student or newcomer to the art, Tammy provides friendly, approachable, easy-to-understand, and professional teaching methods while leading clients comfortably through Smooth, Rhythm, Country and numerous other popular styles of dance. Whether you are learning solo or with a partner, Tammy can have you ready for any song a DJ throws out! Looking to wow your guests at a special event or occasion? Maybe a special dance at your wedding to your favorite song? How about creating a choreographed routine for a viral sensation with your best friends? Tammy will help you make it a reality! From private lessons to group classes choose your style and start dancing today.

Tammy also teaches at NEISD, This fall she has a lineup of 8 classes she will be teaching on Monday & Friday nights, at the North East Sports Park.